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Landlord Gas Safety Certificate (cp12) – What You Need to Know

All the Information Required for Landlords Needing a Gas Safety Certificate

Landlord Gas Safety Certificate Hamilton (cp12)

A Landlord Gas Safety Certificate (cp12) is a legally required Certificate which a landlord needs to indiacte that a property is gas safe. The Landlord Gas Safety Certificate is issued after a property has had a Gas Safety Inspection and is required to be renewed annualy.

It is the landlords legal responsibility to ensure the safety of their property and any tenants who live there. As such, the Landlord Gas Safety Certificate is a requirement by law and is the landlords responsibility to ensure that the certificate is valid and up to date at all times.

There are many legal requirements as a landlord but without a valid Landlord Gas Safety Certificate, you cannot legally rent out the property until the premises has been inspected and the certificate has been issued to deem that the property is gas safe. 

In order to get a valid Landlord Gas Safety Certificate, you will need a Gas Safe Registered heating engineer to legally carry out the necessary checks. 

For a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate (CP12), you can call your local Gas Safe Registered engineers at Plumbers Hamilton for all gas safety inspections.

Our engineers will inspect your property and ensure that it is gas safe. If it passes all the necessary tests, we will then issue you with a CP12 Certificate (Landlord Gas Safety Certificate). This is legally required to be able to rent out your property and without it you cannot legally rent this property.

If you are a new landlord and want to know more or you are looking for further information on what a landlord gas safety certificate is? What it does? How to get one? What does it cost? Who gets the certificate? Also, what other landlord certificates are needed? Please read on for more information about the landlord gas safety certificate below.

Also, if you are a homeowner and would like further information on the safety of your home, then the same information applies.



For any Gas Safety Checks give us a call our 24 hour telephone number to get through to one of our fully qualified professional plumbers and gas safe heating engineers.

Landlord Gas Safety Certificate Hamilton
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Just What is a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate?

A landlord gas safety certificate, or CP12 is a certificate issued to a landlord (or their tenant or factor) after the gas safety checks showing that the property has complied with UK guidelines and is gas safe.

This means that the landlord and tenants are safe in the knowledge that all of their gas appliances, gas fires and boilers etc have been tested and are deemed gas safe.

Inorder to legally rent out a property, the landlord gas safety certificate must be valid and up to date. This means that it must be renewed annually to keep it up to date and is the landlords responsibility to keep it as such. 

Who is Safe to Carry Out a Landlord Gas Safety Inspection

Only a Gas Safe Registered engineer is safe to carry out a landlord gas safety inspection.

It is the law in the UK, that any gas work is carried out by a fully trained and qualified engineer who is gas safe registsred. 

Not only does this mean that you are complying with the law, but you are safe in the knowledge that your property is gas safe.

The gas safe register show the operatives who are adequately qualified and accredited to allow them to legally carry out a landlord gas safety inspection.

Dont risk it; get it checked!

When Do I Need to get a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate

In short, every year!!!

Every landlord in the UK needs a valid and up to date landlord gas safety certificate for all properties at all times.

This means that you cannot legally rent out any property without a valid and current landlord gas safety certificate and this has to be renewed annually, ensuring the property is safe and that the certificate is always kept valid.

There is no grace period with a landlord gas safety certificate which means that your CP12 must be kept up to date at all times by law.

Exactly What is Covered by a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate

In short, ALL gas in the property. Gas Meter, Gas Pipes, Gas Boiler, Gas Flue, Gas Fires, Gas Oven, Gas Hobs, Gas Chimney and anything else which uses gas in the property. 

In order to receive a valid landlord gas safety certificate for a property, all gas  needs to be inspected and deemed safe.

All boilers, pipes, appliances fires etc in the property which requires gas, must be inspected, tested and have to pass the UK Landlord Gas Safety Inspection before a valid landlord gas safety certificate can be issued.

What if The Landlord Gas Safety Certificate Inspection Fails?

If your landlord gas safety certificate inspection fails, then the property is not allowed to be rented out by law and work must either be carried out to allow the property to then pass the inspection or the property cannot be rented out until the work is complete and the property deemed safe.

If you wish to continue renting out the property then all gas safe work must be satisfactorily completed immediately and another gas safety inspection carried out to ensure that the property is safe.

The property is not safe to be rented out until a valid and up to date certificate is issued. 

If your property then passes after the necessary work has been completed, then a valid landlord gas safety certificate can then be issued again and the property can be rented out.

What is Tested In a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate?

  • Gas Meter Tested for Gas Leaks
  • Gas Pipes Tested for Gas Leaks
  • Appliances Checked For Gas Tightness
  • Carbon Monoxide Tests Done
  • Burner Pressure and Gas Pressure Measured
  • Appliances Checked for Safe Operation
  • Safety Devices Are All Checked
  • Chimney Tested for Blockages
  • Flue Tested for Blockages
  • Ensure Ventilation for Gas Appliances

How Can Plumbers Hamilton Help Landlords?

At Plumbers Hamilton, we work closely with landlords, letting agents, building contractors and developers to ensure that their properties are gas safe.

Our team of gas safe registered engineers can carry out any jobs while on site to minimise interruption to tenants and reducing costs as it would all be under one visit. 

  • Gas Safe Registered
  • All Plumbing and Heating Work Undertaken
  • All Trades Company for a One Stop Shop
  • Working Knowledge of Landlord Laws
  • Annual Reminder Service
  • Landlord Homecare Plans

As well as being able to carry out landlord gas safety inspections and issuing a landlord gas safety certificate, we also provide an annual reminder service for each property ensuring that you do not forget the renewal date.

We offer landlord homecare plans specifically designed to meet the needs of landlords with multiple properties.

This can include just the gas safety inspection and certificate or it can include all other gas work, boiler servicing and boiler repairs. We can also include all electrical work, if required.

If you would like to discuss any of our services, plesae feel free to give us a call at any time. 

What Else Does a Landlord Need?

  • Landlord Gas Safety Certificate (CP12)
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors 
  • Smoke and Heat Alarms
  • PAT Testing – Portable Appliance Testing
  • Legionella Certificate
  • EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report)

Plumbers Hamilton can carry out all necessary tests for landlords, keeping them safe and legal at all times. 

For more details, give us a call to discuss your specific requirements.

Wnat is the Cost of a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate?

Although a landlord gas safety certificate is a legal requirement and you can’t put a price on knowing that your tenants and your property are safe, you still want to know the cost of a landlord gas safety certificate.

Well, in short “it depends”.

It depends on the number of gas appliances which need to be tested. Some homes may only have a gas boiler and no other gas in the property.Another home of the same size may have the same gas boiler and central heating system but also have an open gas fire with a chimney, a gas cooker with a gas oven and gas hobs which significantly increases the amount of testing required which impacts on how much does it cost for a landlord gas safety certificate.

If you are looking for a price, please give us a call and tell us what gas items you have in your property and we will tell you right away exactly how much it would cost for your landlord gas safety certificate.

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